2009 Results

The Boston Open 2009 was Mona Santoso's tournament. She was undefeated for the entire weekend taking home Singles, Doubles and Mixed titles. Congratulations Mona!


Full results
  • Mens Singles: Hock-Lai Lee CA
  • Womens Singles: Mona Santoso CA
  • Mens Doubles: Sameera Gunatileka / Vincent Nguy MD
  • Womens Doubles: Joo Hyun Lee / Mona Santoso CA
  • 'A' Mixed Doubles: Chandra Kowi / Mona Santoso CA
  • 'B' Mixed Doubles: Nicky Phiansathiankun / Chin Go CA
  • Senior Mens Doubles: Pratap Joshi / Anirudh Makarla MA/CT
  • Senior Womens Doubles: Batool Kazim / Ismat Shaikh MA/TX
  • Senior Mixed Doubles: Phu Khuu / Daphne Chang CA/MA