Boston Open 2012 Videos

Mens Singles

Mens Singles final: 2011 MIT Boston Open Champion Ilian Perez versus Sarun Vivatpatanakul.

Womens Singles

Womens Singles final: 2010 MIT Boston Open Champion Rong Bo versus Beiwen Zhang.

Mens Doubles Final

Mens Doubles final: 2010 & 2011 MIT Boston Open Champions Holvy De Pauw and Minh Nguyen versus Agus Wijaya and Mu He.

Womens Doubles Final

Womens Doubles final: Nicole Grether and Charmaine Reid versus Kuei Ya Chen and Jamie Subandhi.

Mixed Doubles Final

Mixed Doubles final: Halim Haryanto Ho and Rong Bo versus Sarun Vivatpatanakul and Jamie Subandhi.

Thanks to Henry Huang for the videos. Visit his YouTube channel.