About Boston Open

Boston Open started in 1997 as a local tournament for players in the North-East of the USA. It was held at the Rockwell Cage at MIT in Cambridge, MA and has remained there ever since. Over the years it had grown and developed into one of the top tournaments in North America, attracting players from all around the world. In 2014 adidas became the named sponsor of the Boston Open further raising the profile and standing of this prestigious tournament.

The 2014 organizing committee:

  • Charlotte Ackerman
  • Chew Chai
  • Daphne Chang
  • Judy Chang
  • Virginia Chiu
  • Yen Cu
  • Neil Davies
  • Matt Johnson
  • Junichi Kasuga
  • Steve Keating
  • Chris Lawrence
  • Marc Lai
  • Nick Leonardson
  • Harris Liu
  • Arthur Schwartz
  • Beth Sopka
  • Szilvi Szombati
  • Ajit Umrani